Open Source Software Supply Chain for Reliability Assurance of Operating Systems

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    Software reliability is one of the research hotspots in the field of software engineering, and failure rate analysis is a typical research method for software reliability. However, the software construction mode has evolved from a single mode to a large-scale collaborative model represented by open source software. As one of the representative products, the operating system includes open source software connected through combinations and dependencies to form a supply network of tens of thousands of nodes. Typical methods lack consideration of supply relationships and cannot accurately identify and evaluate the software reliability issues introduced as a result. This paper extends the concept of supply chain to the field of open source software and proposes a knowledge-based management method for software supply reliability in a collaborative model. The ontological body is designed for the open source software ecosystem firstly, and then the nowledge graph of open source software is constructed to achieve the extraction, storage and management of knowledge; driven by knowledge, combined with traditional supply chain management methods, a set of reliability management methods for open source software supply chain is proposed, which constitutes a management system of open source software supply chain. With the construction of a Linux operating system distribution as an example, the experiment demonstrates how the open source software supply chain supports the reliability of the operating system. Results show that the open source software supply chain will help to clarify and evaluate the reliability risk of large complex system software.

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Guanyu Liang, Yanjun Wu, Jingzheng Wu, Chen Zhao. Open Source Software Supply Chain for Reliability Assurance of Operating Systems. International Journal of Software and Informatics, 2021,11(2):217~241

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