A Conceptual Approach for Data Integration in Business Analytics
Received:July 15, 2009  Revised:February 28, 2010  Download PDF
Wilfried Grossmann. A Conceptual Approach for Data Integration in Business Analytics. International Journal of Software and Informatics, 2010,4(1):53~67
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Abstract:We present some basic concepts of a modelling environment for data integration in business analytics. Main emphasis is on defining a process model for the different activities occurring in connection with data integration, which allow later on assessment of the quality of the data. The model is based on combination of knowledge and techniques from statistical metadata management and from workflow processes. The modelling concepts are presented in a problem oriented formulation. The approach is embedded into an open model framework which aims for a modelling platform for all kinds of models useful in business applications.
keywords:business analytics  data preparation  data integration  open models
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