Performance Histogram Curve: Abstractive Visualization and Analysis of NBA Games
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Biao Zhu,Wei Chen. Performance Histogram Curve: Abstractive Visualization and Analysis of NBA Games. International Journal of Software and Informatics, 2016,10(3):0
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Abstract:NBA game is one of the world’s most exciting sports. Multiple datasets for a NBA game are available, e.g., play-by-play data, shot-position data, twitter and videos. Existing methods for visualizing game data commonly focus on the composition of multi-variate information of a game process. In this paper, we introduce a new parametric modeling approach, Performance Histogram Curve (PHC), that locally and adaptively encodes the game progression with game-related features derived from the play-by-play data. By transforming a PHC into the two-dimensional space with a two-phase projection technique, we create a unique 2D line representation. The 2D representation and auxiliary views abstracts the progress of a game and the performance of each team along the timeline. Our integrated system favor browsing a single play, analyzing game performance, and comparing multiple games. We conducted two case studies to demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach.
keywords:projection  temporal  multi-dimension  NBA
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