Art and Chartjunk: A Guide for NEUVis
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Phillip Gough,Kate Dunn,Tomasz Bednarz,Xavier Ho. Art and Chartjunk: A Guide for NEUVis. International Journal of Software and Informatics, 2015,9(1):61~72
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Abstract:In the fast-changing and multi-disciplinary practice of artful information visualization, the act of translating data into an image can be fraught with peril. There is considerable debate around modes of visualization and their relationships with the underlying data. This paper outlines the debate between the opposing ideologies through assessment of design considerations and comparisons of creative practice and visual analytics. The authors summarise the current nexus of influences and circumstances and proceed to formulate a set of guidelines for creative practitioners developing visualizations for Non-Expert Users (NEUVis).
keywords:visualization  non-expert users  NEUVis  affective design  visual analytics  chartjunk  information aesthetics  engagement  collaboration and communication
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