Locally Regressive Projections
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Lijun Zhang. Locally Regressive Projections. International Journal of Software and Informatics, 2013,7(3):435~451
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Abstract:We propose a novel linear dimensionality reduction algorithm, namely Locally Regressive Projections (LRP). To capture the local discriminative structure, for each data point, a local patch consisting of this point and its neighbors is constructed. LRP assumes that the low dimensional representations of points in each patch can be well estimated by a locally fitted regression function. Specifically, we train a linear function for each patch via ridge regression, and use its fitting error to measure how well the new representations can respect the local structure. The optimal projections are thus obtained by minimizing the summation of the fitting errors over all the local patches. LRP can be performed under either supervised or unsupervised settings. Our theoretical analysis reveals the connections between LRP and the classical methods such as PCA and LDA. Experiments on face recognition and clustering demonstrate the effectiveness of our proposed method.
keywords:dimensionality reduction  local learning  locally regressive projections  ridge regression
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