Fast Gradient-Domain Video Processing Using Octree Data Structure
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Chunxia Xiao,Yong Tian,Yu Chu. Fast Gradient-Domain Video Processing Using Octree Data Structure. International Journal of Software and Informatics, 2012,6(1):29~41
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Fund:This work was partly supported by NSFC under Grant Nos. 60803081 and 61070081; the Open Project Program of State Key Lab. for Novel Software Technology under Grant No.KFKT2010B05; the Open Project Program of the State Key Lab of CAD&CG under Grant No.A1208 and Luojia Outstanding Young Scholar Program of Wuhan University.
Abstract:We present a fast gradient domain video processing using hierarchical data structure which subdivides the processing region into an octree data. It is hard to handle large video processing by solving a 3D Poisson equation, as the derived linear system is usually large. Solving the system requires large memory space and long computational time, which makes it intractable on a standard computer. To address the scalability problem, rather than processing the video in the gradient-domain pixel by pixel, we perform the video processing in a reduced space using octree data structure, which significantly reduces the variables. We show that the proposed octree approach is efficient in both seamless and mixing gradient-domain video processing. The method enables to perform video processing in greatly reduced computational time and memory space, while receiving visually identical results with that computed from the full solution.
keywords:poisson equation  gradient domain  video composition  video volume  octree data structure
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