Illumination Morphing: Generating a Smooth Change of Illumination between Two Color Images
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Tomohisa Manabe,Bisser Raytchev,Toru Tamaki,Kazufumi Kaneda. Illumination Morphing: Generating a Smooth Change of Illumination between Two Color Images. International Journal of Software and Informatics, 2012,6(1):3~27
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Fund:This work is sponsored by Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China.
Abstract:The paper proposes a method for generating a sequence of images with smooth change of illumination from two input images with different lighting conditions. The idea of the proposed method is based on image morphing. While conventional image morphing changes object shapes between two input images, here we focus on changing the illumination between two images. The proposed method uses isoluminance curves as a feature primitive. Isoluminance curves acquired from images are warped based on the correspondence of the curves between two images, and transformed luminance distributions are generated from the warped isoluminance curves. The proposed method called "illumination morphing" is able to generate smooth transition of luminance between two color images. The method does not need even the information about the light sources and 3D object models. The proposed method is a promising technique for many applications requiring a scene with variety of lighting effects, such as movies, TV games, and so on.
keywords:relighting  image morphing  luminance distribution  image interpolation
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