Application of Metamodel Inference with Large-Scale Metamodels
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Qichao Liu,Jeff Gray,Marjan Mernik,Barrett R. Bryant. Application of Metamodel Inference with Large-Scale Metamodels. International Journal of Software and Informatics, 2012,6(2):201~231
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Fund:This work is supported in part by NSF awards CCF-0811630 and CAREER CCF-1052616.
Abstract:In software engineering, new technologies and methodologies have been developed with the aim of simplifying the software development process and improving software productivity. Model-driven engineering is considered as one potential alternative to the classical code-based approach to software development. A current challenge in model-driven engineering is the model evolution problem, which is focused on maintaining the relationships among modeling artifacts in the presence of change. A variety of model-driven technologies have been widely researched and applied both in academia and industry to address the model evolution problem. Reverse engineering technologies have been applied in many areas including software engineering to address issues of software evolution. This paper describes one application of reverse engineering, using an approach that uses Metamodel Inference from Models (MIM) to address a specific aspect of the model co-evolution problem related to metamodel evolution. In order to illustrate the problem clearly, a set of examples are used to present our experimental results from applying MIM on diverse industry-focused domains.
keywords:model-driven engineering  reverse engineering  grammar inference  meta-model inference  model co-evolution  model transformation
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