Modelling Route Instructions for Robust Human-Robot Interaction on Navigation Tasks
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Hui Shi,Bernd Krieg-Brückner. Modelling Route Instructions for Robust Human-Robot Interaction on Navigation Tasks. International Journal of Software and Informatics, 2008,2(1):33~60
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Hui Shi  Bernd Krieg-Brückner
Fund:This work is support by the "Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft" (DFG) through the Collaborative Research Center SFB/TR 8 "Spatial Cognition".
Abstract:In this paper, we demonstrate the use of qualitative spatial modelling as the foundation for the conceptual representation of route instructions, to enable robust humanrobot interaction on navigation tasks. Our conceptual model is motivated by empirical studies on route navigation, and combines Qualitative Orientation Calculi for spatial reasoning using directional orientation information and topological maps for structuring route segments and routes. Moreover, we present a formal de nition of the conceptual model using the algebraic speci cation language CASL for syntactic and semantic checking, consistency checking and veri cation. Finally, we introduce a generic route graph concept and its formalization. The instantiation of the generic route graph at di erent abstraction levels provides a formal foundation for linking the conceptual model to a global environment map used by an intelligent robot, e.g., a semi-autonomous wheelchair, to carry out human navigation tasks.
keywords:qualitative spatial calculi  route graph  navigation space  human-robot interaction  conceptual model  algebraic speci cation
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