Mining Gene Expression Data using Domain Knowledge
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Nicolas Pasquier,Claude Pasquier,Laurent Brisson,Martine Collard. Mining Gene Expression Data using Domain Knowledge. International Journal of Software and Informatics, 2008,2(2):215~231
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Nicolas Pasquier  Claude Pasquier  Laurent Brisson  Martine Collard
Abstract:Biology is now an information-intensive science and various research areas,like molecular biology, evolutionary biology or environmental biology, heavily depend on the availability and the e cient use of information. Data mining, that regroups several techniques for analyzing very large datasets, is used to solve problems in an increasing number of biological applications. This article focuses on the analysis of transcriptome, that reflects gene activity in a given cell population at a given time. We describe research themes in transcriptomics related to domain knowledge in biology. We are particularly interested in the way this knowledge can be e ciently combined and used during the various phases of a data mining process, in the most acknowledged applications in transcriptomics.
keywords:data mining  bioinformatics  clustering  association rules  gene expression data  gene annotations  knowledge integration
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