Applying Value-Based Software Process:An ERP Example
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LiGuo Huang,Barry Boehm,Hao Hu,Jian Lǖ,Cheng Qian. Applying Value-Based Software Process:An ERP Example. International Journal of Software and Informatics, 2008,2(1):1~15
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LiGuo Huang  Barry Boehm  Hao Hu  Jian Lǖ  Cheng Qian
Fund:This research is funded by the National Science Foundation in the US and by the 863 Program(2004AA112090, 2005AA113160), 973 Program (2002CB312002) and NSFC (60233010, 60403014)in China
Abstract:Commercial organizations increasingly need software processes sensitive to business value, quick to apply, supportive of multi-stakeholder collaboration, and capable of early analysis for the cost- e ectiveness of process instances This paper presents experience in applying a lightweight synthesis of a Value-Based Software Quality Achievement process and an Object-Petri-Net-based process model to achieve a stakeholder win-win outcome for software quality achievement in an on-going ERP software project in China The application results con rmed that 1) the Object-Petri-Net-based process model provided project managers with a synchronization and stabilization framework for process activities, successcritical stakeholders and their value propositions; 2) process visualization and simulation tools signi cantly increased management visibility and controllability for the success of the software project
keywords:software quality  value  cost  ROI  object petri nets (OPN)  software process formalization  software process simulation  value-based software engineering
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