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Editorial Robert P. Biuk-Aghai
Visual Analysis of Sentiment and Information Spread on Micro-Blog Chenghai Zhang, Yuhua Liu and Changbo Wang 2015,9(3):291-305
A Framework for Situated Interaction with Augmented Surfaces Paolo Bottoni, Kamen Kanev, Nikolay Mirenkov and Miguel Ceriani 2015,9(3):307-329
3DRC Visualizations to Support the Reconciliation of Diverging Project Views Rossella Aiello, Gennaro Costagliola, Giancarlo Nota and Fabrizio Torre 2015,9(3):331-354
An Evaluation of the Utility of Large High-Resolution Displays for Comparative Scientific Visualisation C. Müller, M. Krone, K. Scharnowski, G. Reina and T. Ert 2015,9(3):355-370
The photo of Prof. Dr. Bernd Krieg-Bruckner with signature Bernd Krieg-Bruckner 2015,9(2):0
A Historical Document, A Piece of Precious Memory Editorial Ruqian Lu 2015,9(2):93
Chinese University Development Project Bernd Krieg-Bruckner 2015,9(2):95-111
Preface Berthold Hoffmann, Dieter Hutter and Hui Shi 2015,9(2):113-115
Algebraic Constructions: A Simple Framework for Complex Dependencies and Parameterisation Grzegorz Marczynski, Donald Sannella and Andrzej Tarlecki 2015,9(2):117-139
On Inconsistency and Unsatisfiability Till Mossakowski and Lutz Schroder 2015,9(2):141-152
Automating Test Case Selection in Model-Based Software Product Line Development Alexander Knapp, Markus Roggenbach and Bernd-Holger Schlingloff 2015,9(2):153-175
Symbolic Test-generation in HOL-TESTGEN/CirTA A Case Study Abderrahmane Feliachi, Marie-Claude Gaudel and Burkhart Wolff 2015,9(2):177-203
Knorc Calculus and Its Formal Semantics--To Honor my Friend Prof. Krieg-Brueckner's 66th Birthday Ruqian Lu 2015,9(2):205-231
An Ontology for Secure Web Applications Marianne Busch and Martin Wirsing 2015,9(2):233-258
Similarity-Based Diff, Three-Way Diff and Merge Serge Autexier 2015,9(2):259-277
Computational Problem Solving in Spatial Substrates -- A Cognitive Systems Engineering Approach Christian Freksa 2015,9(2):279-288
Editorial: Visual Information Communication and Interaction Quang Vinh Nguyen,Yingcai Wu,Weidong Huang and Tomasz Bednarz 2015,9(1):1-2
Flip-Book Visualization of Dynamic Graphs Michael Burch and Daniel Weiskopf 2015,9(1):3-21
Ember: A Smartphone Web Browser Interface for the Blind Ruchika S,Susmitha Pulakhandam,Isha Singh Jassi and G Ram Mohan Reddy 2015,9(1):23-36



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